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Hitting the roads

Social Antropology activities as a means of encouraging team synergy and improving team dynamics. Embark on a road trip and experience exhilarating cultural exchanges and adventurous encounters that comes with it as we roll out in our 4x4s, SUVs and minibuses.

We will;
• Discover unique perspectives.
• Work together to overcome obstacles.
• Have dialogs and reflection sessions.
• Make new friends.

Tackling preconcived notions
To most individual, a theory or an opinion will remain just that. Most people will tend to respect another's point of view but the weight of that understanding mostly have little impact on how we go by on our daily routine. This is largely due to our own personal beliefs and preconceptions. It takes a very open minded individual to reflect, infer and weigh possibilities from another point of view.

Social Antropology vs classroom team dynamics excersizes; When we undertake a journey to discover another culture, there is a natural tendency to immerse ourselves as we interact with the other party. Most typical classroom excercises often fail to allow a natural inference into another's perspective even when its intention is to do so. However, it is not to say that these excersizes are useless. They are in fact a good platform to work from.

When we get involve in cultural exchanges, there is a subtle process of putting

Special mention to Yuyun Angkadjaja, Wisataseru for all the insights into exotic sites of wonderful Indonesia.

Experiential learning
"Roadtrips" is designed to present experiential learning through cross cultural exchange. This method is the best way to open ones mind and develop fresh perspective on ones life and pursuits.

To develop team synergy and improve team dynamics.

• Teambuilding retreats.
• Management meeting cum retreats.

• Java, Indonesia.
• Chengdu, Sichuan China. (coming soon)

ourselves into an emic or insider point of view. This get done even if we are strong in our personal beliefs. The process of talking, eating, living and participating in daily activities will allow us to experience a different perspective and will even stir a holistic view of our own way of life.
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