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Discovery Singapore

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Welcome to Singapore
Contrary to popular believe, this 710.2 sq km isle state has a lot more to offer than just shopping! A single place of interest may take a whole day to finish. A city state that is rich in diversity as she is with her history. Take a roadtrip with us and discover or rediscover Singapore.

To discover Unique Singapore through experiential learning and teambuilding activities.

• Learning Journeys.
• Teambuilding retreats.
• Management meeting cum retreats.

Embarking on a roadtrip and experience the integration of cultures that is unique to Singapore. Journey and experience exhilarating cultural perspectives and fun encounters as we roll out in our SUVs and minibuses.

We will;
• Discover unique perspectives.
• Work together through our fun activities.
• Have dialogs and reflection sessions.
• Make new friends.

Integration of cultures
Integration by definition is an act or

instance of combining, blending or fusing into an integral whole. Contrary to the suggestion of the title, Singapore's cultures had not been molded into one unique identity, with one distinct custom. In fact the multi-racial society of Malays, Chinese, Indians and other races in Singapore, have been as they were for generations - with one exception; their way of life. But is it not, that the term "culture", also defined as, a way of life? The answer is - yes and that is what so unique about Singapore.

Compared to Singapore; Indonesians are more diversify, more multi racial and multi religious. The traditions of the Malays,


Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are also not dissimilar than of those in Singapore. The difference for the small garden city state rest with her everyday life. It is in their food and language, at work and at play, in nearly all forms of social interactions. Charles Darwin implied that when an isolated environment is allowed to evolve, there is a good chance that it will develop unique characteristics.

Singapore is not isolated but just the same, when comparing the island to others in the region, their differences in the system of government, in education, in trade, in foreign and social policies, with 5 million

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singapore tourism board